Cotton Picker Parts-Why is the Chinese cotton picker suddenly hot?

Why is the Chinese cotton picker suddenly hot?
From last year to the beginning of this year, the market of China’s domestic cotton harvester (hereinafter referred to as the cotton picker) has suddenly become hot. So far, the sales of 2018 cotton pickers have exceeded 400 sets, and even the dealers in southern Xinjiang have been out of stock. According to industry insiders, there are still more than 100 gaps in the market. The best-selling of the cotton picker is in stark contrast to the current overall downturn in the agricultural machinery industry. What is the reason for the popularity of the cotton picker? What factors have promoted the development of China’s cotton picker business?
First, excellent spare parts bonus
Obviously, the popularity of domestic cotton pickers is closely related to the user’s recognition of product quality, and the stability of product quality is inseparable from the addition of excellent parts. The superior engine performance has the greatest impact on the overall quality of the cotton picker. .
Dongfeng Cummins engine is well-known in the cotton picker industry. In recent years, with its many advantages, it has become the mainstream engine supplier of cotton pickers. Compared with other engines, Dongkang QSC engine has several advantages:
The first is that the power is more powerful. In terms of engine terms, the output power is large and the torque is large. This makes the working efficiency of the cotton picker higher than before. The same one mu of land, the cotton picker supporting the Dongkang engine is 15%-20% more efficient than other supporting engines, which means other cotton pickers. An acre of cotton is collected in 5 minutes, and the cotton picker supporting the Dongkang engine takes only 4 minutes. This comparison is not obvious enough. If you count 24 hours a day, you can save about 5 hours.
The second is higher reliability. This product is designed by Dongkang to adapt to the high-strength, heavy-duty operation under severe conditions and combined with the habits of Chinese users. Supported by powerful sensors and electronic control systems, the three-stage filter ensures balanced particle dispersion levels, protecting the main components of the fuel system and maximizing engine life.
The third is lower fuel consumption. It uses an advanced in-machine purification solution that is more fuel efficient than the same power segment engine products, thus reducing the cost of the user.
The fourth is the global warranty, Dongkang engine out of the Cummins engine technology and services, and the same as the Cummins engine to enjoy the global warranty. When the user encounters an engine problem during the operation, he can call Dongfeng Cummins service phone at any time, and the service personnel will come to the door for repair at the first time.
The engine has a high market share in the cotton picker market.

Second, a good policy orientation
As we all know, China’s main cotton producing areas are in Xinjiang, and the cotton growing areas in Xinjiang are mainly distributed in the oasis area on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert in the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang. Specifically, the most important ones are in the eight counties and one city in the Aksu area. (in the area of ​​Aksu area) 16 groups; the eastern county town and group field in Bazhou; Kashgar area, the group field of the third division of agriculture; part of Hetian; Turpan area; Jinghe County, Beijiang, Hutubi, Ma Nass and so on.
In the past, the picking season in southern Xinjiang relied mainly on manpower. The labor force mainly came from the young and middle-aged groups in the four provinces of Sichuan, Henan, Anhui and Shandong. As the pace of urbanization in China accelerated, most of the flower pickers had chosen to return home. This has formed a large gap in the labor force of picking up flowers in southern Xinjiang. On the other hand, the rapid development of China’s agricultural machinery, after the gradual mechanization of grain, the mechanization of economic crops has become the focus of China’s next development. It is under such dual influence that the cotton picker has become the main force of cotton harvest in Xinjiang, China. The continued support of state subsidies has also spurred local rigid demand. From 2015 to 2017, for three consecutive years, China’s agricultural machinery purchase subsidies for the 3-4 rows of cotton machine subsidies reached 350,000 yuan, 5 rows and above cotton picker subsidies amounted to 600,000 yuan, and a domestically produced 3 lines of mining The price of cotton machines is about 700,000 yuan, the price of 5 rows of cotton pickers is about 1.2 million, and the subsidy quota is even more than 50%. In some corps or regions, the second subsidy based on state subsidies is given, which means that local farmer or cotton farmers can start a cotton picker with only one-third or less of the original money.

Post time: Mar-22-2019